Business overrides human rights in the UN

Britain recently announced that it would join Denmark in backing a resolution to be submitted to the UN Commission on Human Rights. The resolution calls on China to improve its human rights record. The Danish decision met with immediate threats from China of possible economic, trade, and diplomatic sanctions. Denmark, supported by twenty five other countries, tabled the resolution on April 9, and voting is to take place on April 15. The resolution is expected to call on China to refrain from policies which threaten the Tibetan identity and express concern on the whereabouts and well-being of the eight year-old Panchen Lama. France was joined by Germany, Italy and Spain in preventing the European Union from reaching consensus on sponsorship of a China resolution and Japan, a co-sponsor of China resolutions in previous years, is also reportedly considering withdrawing its sponsorship. It is speculated that France has dropped its support with the pending visit of the French President to China and a $2 billion order for Airbus planes to be finalised.

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