Forced recruitment

To strengthen the military power inside Tibet, the Chinese government is reported to have begun forcefully recruiting young Tibetans into army service. At the same time Chinese authorities have commenced mass propaganda on radio and television emphasising the need young Tibetans to join the army after graduation from secondary school, choosing to serve the “nadon” rather than pursuing further study.

According to a source from Tibet, Chinese authorities have been recruiting soldiers from six districts of Keygudo region, in Tsongon province (Ch: Qinghai). Every year 60 Tibetans are recruited from two alternating districts in the region. The men recruited should be aged from 18 to 21 and must satisfy certain height and weight criteria.

The number of Tibetans who choose to join the army voluntarily is extremely low. Should someone refuse to be “recruited”, he faces a fine of up to 2000 yuan. In addition, he will nonetheless be forced to join. Those who attempt to evade recruitment by fleeing are arrested and could face detention of two years and a fine of up to 3000 yuan.

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