July Monthly Translation and Analyses Digest monitoring Chinese government media on Tibet

The July 2019 publication of Monthly Translation and Analyses Digest includes the following articles:

  • China promotes assimilation under the guise of education aid program in Tibet Autonomous Region
  • More than 20 percent increase in Chinese cadres dispatched to Tibet
  • China worried rising unemployment among Tibetan college graduates may become a ‘stability’ issue
  • China holds 5th Inter-Interstitutional Communication Symposium of Tibetan Buddhist Institutions
  • TAR Party authorities investigate and guide implementation of ‘Four Standards’ policy to cultivate ‘advanced monks and nuns’
  • China’s Buddhist supervisory body to earnestly implement ‘five-year plan’ to sinicise Buddhism
  • TAR stability maintenance chief calls on ‘resolutely resisting Dalai Clique’s infiltration and destruction on visits to monasteries
  • Party to open a ‘patriotic education base’ at Reting Monastery in Lhundrub County
  • Launch Ceremony for 2019 Lawyers Group to Aid Tibet’s legal service held in Lhasa

Click here to download a copy of the July 2019 issue.

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