Life sentence reduced to 18 years

Photo of Lobsang TenzinLobsang Tenzin, a former student of Tibet University, is also in Powo Tramo. He was arrested on 19 March 1988 having been implicated as the “principal culprit” in the death of a People’s Armed Police officer during the independence demonstrations in Lhasa on 5 March 1988. Lobsang was first given a death sentence but due to strong international pressure this was commuted to a life sentence in March 1991.

Lobsang Tenzin was one of the political prisoners who attempted to pass a petition to James Lilley, the U.S. Ambassador to China at the time. According to a former political prisoner, Lobsang Tenzin’s life sentence was reduced to 18 years in 1994 due to his “good behaviour” in prison.

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