New temple and monastic rules

The following is a translation from Tibetan of “Lhasa Municipality’s Monastic (temples and hermitages) Disciplinary Rules for Monks and Nuns”:

  1. One must protect law and order, property of the people, unity of the nationalities, unity of the motherland and oppose the splittists.
  2. One must respect the leaders of the party and the government, the socialist system, and the policy and rules laid down by the officials of the region.
  3. No one is allowed to listen to or disseminate reactionary propaganda which threatens or harms the unity and security of the country, possess or distribute reactionary literature, audio and video tapes or participate in any sort of splittist activity.
  4. One must accept the rules laid down by the Democratic Management Committee of the monastery (temples and hermitages), work for the welfare of the society and monastery, actively participate in the production and labour works.
  5. One must listen to the advice given by the teachers and officials of the monasteries and maintain solidarity between old and young.
  6. One must show sincere faith in the Buddha, study all subjects of Buddhism and strive for its flourishing.
  7. Monks and nuns must strictly abide by the monastic vows and religious discipline of the monastery. They must be humble and bear good characters, and should wear monastic robes unless it is an exceptional circumstance.
  8. No one can oppose the government and legal officials in the name of religion or intrude in the re-education.
  9. One must preserve cultural monuments and artefacts, monasteries and public property.
  10. One must take an interest in environment and personal health. The monks and nuns must preserve the image of monastic community and work hard to become good monks and nuns who love religion and nation and abide by the law.

Nationalities and Religious Bureau of Lhasa Municipality. 20.7.1997

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