Tashi Gang monks in prison

Only 16 monks remain in Tashi Gang Monastery at Nyethang in Chushul county, just nine of whom are registered. A monk from the monastery reports that 10 Tashi Gang monks have thus far been imprisoned for political activities of whom six are still serving their sentences in various prisons in Tibet.

The four released monks, all of whom were subsequently expelled from the monastery, are:

  • Migmar Wangdu -from Tsena shang, aged in his 20’s.
  • Tentuk – aged 25 years from Nyethang who was released about two years ago after serving five years in Drapchi Prison.
  • Migmar – a 16 year-old from Nyethang. He was released sometime in February 1997 after serving a two year prison term in a prison in Toelung. He was only 14 years old when arrested.
  • Pema Tinlay – aged 22 years from Lhoka. He was released last year after being detained in Gutsa Prison for three years.

The six Tashi Gang monks who remain in prison are:

  • Chungpo – an 18 year-old from Nyethang who is currently in Drapchi Prison.
  • Pasang Tsering – a 20 year-old from Tsena who was imprisoned last year and sentenced to four years which he is currently serving in Drapchi.
  • Samdup – aged 20 years and originates from Tsena. He was arrested last year and sentenced to three years which he is serving in Lachoe in Toelung.
  • Nima Tsering – a 17-year-old from Nyethang, presently in Drapchi Prison.
  • Pena – aged 28 years from Nyethang, who has already served five years from his ten year sentence.
  • Migmar Dorji – aged 18 years from Lhasa, who was arrested last year during the riots in Gaden Monastery sparked by the Chinese ban on photographs of the Dalai Lama.
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