Translated text of questionnaire that sparked Chabcha student protest

A copy of the ten point questionnaire in tibetan
A copy of the ten point questionnaire in tibetan

TCHRD has translated the contents of a questionnaire that was distributed among students at Sorig Lobling School in Chabcha (Ch: Gonghe) town in Serchen County in Tsolho (Ch: Hainan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

Relevant government officials, after distributing the questionnaires, spoke on interpreting the document’s content stressing the need to protect and maintain stability in Tsolho region. The speech by the relevant authorities also included allegations and abusive remarks against His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the so-called “Dalai splittist clique”, holding them responsible for the continued unrest in the region.

Sources told TCHRD that at least three students have been detained during yesterday’s protest the medical school. Local police have detained three Tibetan male students, Wangchen Tsering of Ba County, Mama and an identified student .

The following is the translation of the questionnaire from Tibetan:

Ten ways of looking at the present situation in Tsolho Prefecture

  1. Economic development in Tsolho should be based on what?
  2. Is Tibetan culture protected and developed?
  3. Are environmental protection and urban construction in opposition to each other?
  4. Does bilingual education mean the deterioration of minority language?
  5. Who in authority is doing anything to ensure the equality of nationalities?
  6. What is the reason behind self-immolation protests?
  7. What harm is caused by illegal public protests?
  8. Who is agitating for separatism and causing unrest?
  9. How should the comprehensive and correct implementation of the freedom of religious belief policy be understood?
  10. Is the present environment of development in tranquil harmony not something to be cherished?
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